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January 06 2015

To get more course tutorials visit - http://homework-tutorials.com/product/hcs-310-week-1-individual-assignment-consumers-perspective-on-health-care-questionnaire/ ; The Questionnaire is located in the Assessments section of the Course Materials page. Submit your answers as an APA-compliant Word .doc attachment to a post in your Individual forum. Reproduce each question as an APA-compliant heading. Beneath each heading, answer that question based on your personal experiences as a consumer receiving health care services. I expect an APA-compliant title page, manuscript page header and headings. If you refer to non-original material, I expect proper in-text citation and reference list. Questions are related to real life experiences of services received, satisfaction with services, changes you have seen or experienced over time, benefits you have for insurance coverage, and local/national legislative changes you are aware of and their effects on or anticipated impact on your health care services as a consumer. There are ten questions. I expect your answers to be thoughtfully expressed in full sentences with attention to grammar and spelling. Each answer will be at least 50 words because the questions call for some explanation. Do not take this assignment lightly, as it accounts for ten percent of your entire grade.   Plagiarism earns a zero and is reported as a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity. Similarity indexes of over 15%, even if properly cited and not plagiarism

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